Road trip to Hampi n Badami

End of 2019 squared up with a sudden trip to Badami and Hampi in Karnataka state. Well both the places are approximately150KM apart from each other.

Rock nature is quite similar on scene it’s in abundance. I can’t guess how top business people of the world didn’t reach out there to utilise the material for construction purpose.

All ancient architecture, pillars, gateways, all this made of rocky materials from there itself. Summers wouldn’t be a good idea to visit it. Local said they see only two seasons- summer and low summer. There is no much of rain and winter. Place doesn’t have humidity so it’s ok to move on with it.

Ancient architecture is carved really skillfully looks like long generations were involved developing it. And after that most places seems to be destroyed too later. One would see temples in a row but deities missing! Others stuff like Elephant keep house, palace, meeting hall, bath place of a queen, lake, shops, temples are still seen as the were. And all these are made out of the Rocky material available right there. Stone chariot on 2017NEW ₹50 note looks eye pleasing.

4 Badami caves are carved in line. It’s the temples inside the cave. Stone fragrance inside the cave is unique one. Badami ancient temples are right infront of these caves distanced by a calm Agastya Lake.

Visiting this would level up one’s mind to ancient cultures, style and efforts.

Published by Nandakishore Bandolkar


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