Someone ACHIEVING others DREAM

In October this year our vessel Nord Mississippi was berthed in Newark US. We had an opportune moment to look around New York. It really astonished me to wander in Times square of New York. I had just heard of New York at that time and nothing about Times square, empire state building etc. Well now that I’m being trapped in Social media world didn’t waste any time to upload my pics from Times square.

Then in no time people stared reacting on my uploads. Not just my close friends. One guy even texted me ‘My dream’. It’s then that I realised the fame of New York, how people see the New York as. In fact the whole world wants to live in NY, but whole world is already existing there too. NY is quite expensive for non- NY’s and we being the Indian. Hollywood, world politics, TV series have highlighted US a lot and people are engrossed too much in that world wide. Don’t take a firm stand for US straight for the life. That will put up one in more complex situation. I made it to New York US and hadn’t longed for it ever. Now let’s see if destiny has designed more visits to NY😍.

Published by Nandakishore Bandolkar


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