Deadliest Ocean

Atlantic Ocean being the favourite and I had a hat-trick of crossing it in a row. Thanks to the cargo owner for arranging such voyage for Nord Mississippi.
Ocean is royal blue in appearance that’s what I like. The husky winds hah! Once I came out on deck. All normal sea ambience. Then I was asked to move ahead of accommodation. Well I didn’t mind to go there. The moment I stepped there. All my Senes got centralised. Such high speed husky winds struck my whole body. Air didn’t allow me to step on. I was excited to see such kind of stuff. It’s true water and air is clear then anything in the middle of ocean. Birds were also seen following the ship. Heard beautiful the Dolphins do follow the vessels but haven’t got to see any this time.

Staying in the sea away from home gives different feelings thoughts. We gotta start living peacefully wherever we are. And never forget we all are on earth. Born, lived and died at same place is not a contradictory but make that place as earth or the world.

Published by Nandakishore Bandolkar


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