It’s already named as IIT Goa yet hasn’t identified a campus worth it. Now surveying Sanguem the 3 rd region after rejection from locals on first 2 places.

So far campus identified in Sanguem hasn’t have a smooth beginning. Official haven’t identified the right place for the campus of IIT Goa.

Don’t know why would anyone go for paddy field to bring up a campus for institute. Regional farmers grows various crops throughout the year there. Shouldn’t even consider relocation of locals when vegetation and cultivation is concerned.

Most of the people in Goa have given up on farming. Hardly any people are in it so don’t take away from them.

The people of Sanguem have been waiting for such great project, so, the officials and management of IIT Goa please don’t commit any blunder in finding the best permanant campus in Sanguem. It is the best place for IIT Goa. Select a campus that wouldn’t destroy fields, cultivation, houses, forest, water bodies, history sites, etc.

Some deforestation will happen to come up with new infrastructure, but the IIT like institution are the ones that can increase the forest covered areas not just of campus but also surroundings and the whole region.

Lots of projects are being welcomed in South Goa who all depend on Selaulim Dam for water. Water scarcity will hit Goa for sure in near future, better find a way to maintain a higher water level of dam than the required always.

Anxious to see the sunrise for inauguration of IIT GOA campus in Sanguem earliest.

Published by Nandakishore Bandolkar


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