Awkward situation

Today I came across very rare awkward situation at a cars service station.

I had taken our car for regular service and maintenance. It’s a day long working onto her. All work done nicely on car. Ready to leave the place for home.

Then atlast that strange thing happened when service person alotted to me inquired “Did you fill the feedback form, Sir?”. So I gone through it quickly entered 6 and 7 points in various entry out of 10.

Next service supervisor checked it to see the score. And he couldn’t believe it. Right away asked for explaination for such a low score of 6 and 7.

Then he brought into my notice his timely actions and proper care taken of the car throughout the day and also hospitality offered to me. I tried to calm him saying that couple of points are cut to give space and scope for improvement for company and yourself. And since target is not achieved it will give motivation for you.

Telling me that I deserve 8-9 points every where.
Although some entries were stated for service centres assessment.

Later I managed to write advice as updating technical knowledge. Then again he asked where do I lack in tech stuff. Immediately I asked where are the details of Oil and coolant. Guys, man replied Engine oil given by the company, that’s it.

Man later said I might need to come to your home to ask for such a low score if you don’t assess correctly.(our home is very very far from service centre 😅).

Atlast I took a step back and ended up giving 9 points to two entries and 8 points in all other. Yea he really worked hard through out. Deserve that score. The man seemed to be aged so definitely has family to look after. And pay for people working at ground level is relatively low in the state. So here such feedbacks score becomes very crucial for their performance, increment and promotion.

Also warned him to that he shouldn’t stop working as I gave him score of his choice. Hoping that you will still be motivated and hungry for work.

I am now worried whether my decision will support overall development or not. Because, next time Service needs to be more advanced, effective and environment friendly.

Published by Nandakishore Bandolkar


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