Energy on everyone’s mind always

Now that this one concerns energy and I head straight to AC and fans simultaneous operation.

People do switch ON both AC and fan in a room. Even if the fan is right in front of AC port. That’s completely bad utilisation of resources. Fan rotation blocks the air from AC and which doesn’t cool the room uniformly. Then there’s complaint about poor cooling too. Very few aware of the modes horizontal and vertical movement of air in AC.

Scenario is more tragic in houses. Majority of people keep fan and AC in operation simultaneously. And the reason for same is too much cooling by AC so fan neutralizes it. Also they like the fans tune.🤔

People need to be aware of ongoing energy crisis. They got to have the knowledge about optimum energy utilisation.

Rich or poor it doesn’t matter. Electricity is generated at higher cost, and also day by day non renewable energy resources are depleting so there is need to conserve these energy resources.

Published by Nandakishore Bandolkar


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