One day of Gym

Gymming has always been on my mind and considered good for me post 22. After making a unique plan for ongoing tasks, I finally joined Gym on 21st May. On the day 1 got dizzied, took couple of hours to get myself back to normal.
Shared the news with couple of friends and yea even they were ready to join me.
But a call from Mumbai scrapped everything about gym. Very next day left for Mumbai along with whole body pain, sleepless night, headache, damn… atlast trip to Mumbai had no outcome. Infact it weakened me. Returned home and had to regain the lost calories.

It’s was such a mystery to take away Gym by that trip which didn’t give any outcome.
Hoping to begin ith Gym now directly Onboard.

Published by Nandakishore Bandolkar


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