It’s already named as IIT Goa yet hasn’t identified a campus worth it. Now surveying Sanguem the 3 rd region after rejection from locals on first 2 places.

So far campus identified in Sanguem hasn’t have a smooth beginning. Official haven’t identified the right place for the campus of IIT Goa.

Don’t know why would anyone go for paddy field to bring up a campus for institute. Regional farmers grows various crops throughout the year there. Shouldn’t even consider relocation of locals when vegetation and cultivation is concerned.

Most of the people in Goa have given up on farming. Hardly any people are in it so don’t take away from them.

The people of Sanguem have been waiting for such great project, so, the officials and management of IIT Goa please don’t commit any blunder in finding the best permanant campus in Sanguem. It is the best place for IIT Goa. Select a campus that wouldn’t destroy fields, cultivation, houses, forest, water bodies, history sites, etc.

Some deforestation will happen to come up with new infrastructure, but the IIT like institution are the ones that can increase the forest covered areas not just of campus but also surroundings and the whole region.

Lots of projects are being welcomed in South Goa who all depend on Selaulim Dam for water. Water scarcity will hit Goa for sure in near future, better find a way to maintain a higher water level of dam than the required always.

Anxious to see the sunrise for inauguration of IIT GOA campus in Sanguem earliest.


Awkward situation

Today I came across very rare awkward situation at a cars service station.

I had taken our car for regular service and maintenance. It’s a day long working onto her. All work done nicely on car. Ready to leave the place for home.

Then atlast that strange thing happened when service person alotted to me inquired “Did you fill the feedback form, Sir?”. So I gone through it quickly entered 6 and 7 points in various entry out of 10.

Next service supervisor checked it to see the score. And he couldn’t believe it. Right away asked for explaination for such a low score of 6 and 7.

Then he brought into my notice his timely actions and proper care taken of the car throughout the day and also hospitality offered to me. I tried to calm him saying that couple of points are cut to give space and scope for improvement for company and yourself. And since target is not achieved it will give motivation for you.

Telling me that I deserve 8-9 points every where.
Although some entries were stated for service centres assessment.

Later I managed to write advice as updating technical knowledge. Then again he asked where do I lack in tech stuff. Immediately I asked where are the details of Oil and coolant. Guys, man replied Engine oil given by the company, that’s it.

Man later said I might need to come to your home to ask for such a low score if you don’t assess correctly.(our home is very very far from service centre 😅).

Atlast I took a step back and ended up giving 9 points to two entries and 8 points in all other. Yea he really worked hard through out. Deserve that score. The man seemed to be aged so definitely has family to look after. And pay for people working at ground level is relatively low in the state. So here such feedbacks score becomes very crucial for their performance, increment and promotion.

Also warned him to that he shouldn’t stop working as I gave him score of his choice. Hoping that you will still be motivated and hungry for work.

I am now worried whether my decision will support overall development or not. Because, next time Service needs to be more advanced, effective and environment friendly.

Energy on everyone’s mind always

Now that this one concerns energy and I head straight to AC and fans simultaneous operation.

People do switch ON both AC and fan in a room. Even if the fan is right in front of AC port. That’s completely bad utilisation of resources. Fan rotation blocks the air from AC and which doesn’t cool the room uniformly. Then there’s complaint about poor cooling too. Very few aware of the modes horizontal and vertical movement of air in AC.

Scenario is more tragic in houses. Majority of people keep fan and AC in operation simultaneously. And the reason for same is too much cooling by AC so fan neutralizes it. Also they like the fans tune.🤔

People need to be aware of ongoing energy crisis. They got to have the knowledge about optimum energy utilisation.

Rich or poor it doesn’t matter. Electricity is generated at higher cost, and also day by day non renewable energy resources are depleting so there is need to conserve these energy resources.

One day of Gym

Gymming has always been on my mind and considered good for me post 22. After making a unique plan for ongoing tasks, I finally joined Gym on 21st May. On the day 1 got dizzied, took couple of hours to get myself back to normal.
Shared the news with couple of friends and yea even they were ready to join me.
But a call from Mumbai scrapped everything about gym. Very next day left for Mumbai along with whole body pain, sleepless night, headache, damn… atlast trip to Mumbai had no outcome. Infact it weakened me. Returned home and had to regain the lost calories.

It’s was such a mystery to take away Gym by that trip which didn’t give any outcome.
Hoping to begin with Gym now directly Onboard.

Mumbai – The City of Dreams

Walking on Mumbai streets makes me enthusiastic about it.

Everytime I have been to this city I get more curious to know it in depth.

People who needs challenge in their life can straight head to here.

Put serious effort wherever you are, and that can relatively live better life in Mumbai when you move in here.

I am happy that my work calls me again and again to his city.

Yea I have hell lot of things to see around the city.

Simple and complex in system

They created the systems.

They designed it for a primary function.

Need of long run for system.

Introduced supporting functions in that system.

Where is the space in it for supporting functions. Increase the boundary?

In times systems is not capable to extend any more. Two system would be working together for same output and it might affect the other.


System has to work, work efficiently, work for ages, work with integrity.

They adjusted all functions to optimum. They engineered them to achieve it. World is advancing. Should they’ve bothered about investment?

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